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Carroll Academy Alumni - The Rebel Club

After Much discussion and planning, several alumni banded together to form an alumni organization for CA graduates. We wanted to stay involved in our old school and felt that others may have this wish also. We began this process in 2005 and continue to find and send information to every graduate of Carroll Academy. It is our desire that every graduate of Carroll Academy join this elite club. We are calling this organization, The Rebel Club.

To become a member you must:
1. Be a graduate of Carroll Academy
2. Join and pay a membership fee, which helps with the newsletter printing, postage, etc.

The Rebel Club's purpose is to preserve our Rebel heritage, by supporting Carroll Academy in academic and athletic endeavors in the present and future. The Rebel Club intends to provide support financially and in service to our alma mater for the good of the school.

Membership dues:
New member - $25.00
New couple member (when you and your spouse are both graduates of CA) - $40.00
Renewal member - $20.00
Renewal couple - $35.00

With membership you will receive the newsletter, The Rebel Yell, published twice a year by the alumni club, new members receive a car decal. You also receive a discount on admission to all Rebel Club social events.

We are a group of volunteers who work on this in our spare time because of our love for Carroll Academy and our hopes that it will be around for many more years. While we do our best to obtain addresses of all graduates, we still have numerous names that we have not located. We would appreciate any and all help in locating every graduate. If you have not received any information regarding the alumni club contact us. If you have addresses of old classmates please forward those to us also.

  • Angel Barrentine Streater - Class of 1989
    662-834-2080 Home
    662-515-4760 Cell

  • Mandy Misskelley Whitfield - Class of 1989
    662-237-9565 Home
    662-417-1753 Cell

  • Stephanie Roberts Clanton - Class of 1990
    662-455-2300 Home
    662-392-6120 Cell

  • Shelley Carpenter McCrory - Class of 1993
    662-451-5569 Home
    662-392-5000 Cell

[ Carroll Academy Mascot ]
Requesting ALL former sports All-Stars
Carroll Academy is gathering ALL former sports All-Stars for a board that will be placed in the school gym. If you know anyone that made an All-Star in any sport, please contact the school with their name, sport, and year of the game they played. If you have any questions, please contact the school.

Carroll Academy Administration
P.O. Box 226
Carrollton, MS 38917
Phone: 662-237-6858

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